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We invite you to read the information provided in this review on the 24Betting website. The online betting site 24Betting offers bookmaker and online casino services to its customers. 24Betting’s online betting site is aimed at a target audience in India. 

24Betting has a number of advantages that set it apart from its competitors. 

Each section is explained in detail in this overview below. Study the information in each of the sections in the review carefully. If you have any questions, you can ask them in the comments below the review. The technical support service can also help you. We will try to cover each topic as clearly as possible. 

Bookmaker’s office 24Betting. 

A bookmaker’s office involves betting on sports. The idea of betting on sports dates back many centuries. The first sports on which bets were placed were horse racing. Back then, this was the prerogative of the wealthy class. Other segments of the population also wanted to try their luck in such entertainment. And they started betting in other directions. Later, the idea of betting spread around the world. And today, sports betting is quite a popular pastime. And it is made on the ones that people play. On various teams or professional athletes. 

The 24Betting website is aimed at the Indian public, accordingly providing sports that are more popular in India. The main focus is on cricket. 

Sports available on the 24Betting website: 
  1. cricket, 
  2. basketball, 
  3. football, 
  4. volleyball, 
  5. handball, 
  6. tennis, 
  7. darts, 
  8. ice hockey. 

In order to learn how to bet, it is not enough to just be lucky. You have to have an argument for one decision or another. To guess the outcome of a sporting event, you need real knowledge. You must have a wealth of information, from knowledge of the rules, to consideration of the weather and the refereeing staff.

What to consider when betting on sports 
  • the field on which the match is being played, 
  • the weather conditions under which the match took place, 
  • the form and condition of the athletes, 
  • the ranking of the players in the teams, 
  • team ranking, 
  • the rules and conditions of the match, 
  • the competition regulations, 
  • the judging panel.

Analysing all the above parameters will allow you to make an informed decision. You can predict the outcome of either event during the match. For example, some teams perform better at home. Or a team has been injured or disqualified. If it was a strong player, the team will lose quality. You should also study the match history of at least the last year. This way you can trace the dynamics of a particular team and you can guess about their chances of winning. Apart from betting on the outcome of the match, you can also bet on events during the match. For example, a first down, a yellow card. All of your guesses can bring you a win.

Sports on 24Betting. 

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As we wrote above, the most popular and sought-after sport for betting is cricket.


Cricket is an amazing sport, using bat and ball.

It is a team sport. Two teams of 11 players each compete. The match takes place on an oval shaped grass pitch. There is a rectangle in the middle of the pitch which is not covered in grass. This rectangle has wickets placed on it. Teams are required to hit the ball into the opponent’s wicket. It is a very dynamic and intense game. This exciting game originated in the sixteenth century in England. Since then it has spread rapidly across the world. However, it is the Indians who have captured the hearts most. Today, there is an Indian cricket league that attracts millions of fans every year. We will discuss how to bet on the IPL later on.


In the ranking of the most popular sports, football ranks second in India. In the world, football is the most popular sporting hobby. Football is a team sport. Two teams with 11 athletes each compete. It takes place on a large rectangular field covered with grass. At opposite ends of this field there are large goals. The task of the teams is to score a goal against the opposing team. Only the ball is used. The ball is kicked across the field of play solely by the athlete’s foot. It is forbidden to handle the ball. It is a game of high adrenaline. The athletes have to be in good form, as most of the action is run. The team must also have a strategy, and analyse the strengths and weaknesses of their opponents. By understanding the rules and rankings, betting can help you make the right predictions. In football, the 24Betting website allows you to make a multi bet. 

A multi bet is a combination of different bets on different events in the current match. Therefore, you divide your betting account into different bets and increase your chances of winning. 


A sports game with a ball. Basketball is played with a big sword that is guided by the hands. It takes place on a rectangular field covered with parquet. There are baskets on either side of the pitch. The baskets without bottoms are fixed at a fairly high distance from the ground. The task of the opponents is to throw as many balls as possible into the opponent’s basket. In order to play basketball, athletes must have high reaction time, stamina and strategy.


Volleyball is a team ball game. The task of the teams is to throw the ball into the opponent’s territory. The ball must not touch their own territory. The ball must not be held in the hands, it may be kicked from hand to hand. It takes place in a sports hall, on a rectangular pitch. The pitch is covered with parquet. A net is stretched across the pitch, which demarcates the opponents’ territory.

Big tennis. 

Grand tennis is a singles or doubles sport. The essence is a singles match between athletes. The game is played on a large rectangular field. The middle of the pitch is divided in half by a net. With a racket, the player bounces a small ball into the opponent’s territory. The ball has to fly over the net and hit the opponent’s pitch without hitting his racket. 


It is a very entertaining single-player game. The essence of the sport is throwing darts. The dart has to be thrown by hand at the target. The target is a circle divided into sections. Each section has its own value. Accordingly, by hitting one of the sections with the dart, the athlete accumulates a certain number of points. The athlete who accumulates the most points wins. 

Ice hockey

Ice hockey please note that it is ice hockey. Because there is another sport, namely hockey. Ice hockey is a very dynamic game. Its course is similar to that of a knight’s tournament. Competitors wear heavy outfits to protect them from head to toe. The athletes play on skates, the puck is beaten off with a stick. The game is played on an ice rink. There is a goal on both sides of the rink. The task of the teams is to score a puck into the opponent’s goal. To play hockey you must be brave, decisive and strategic, and you must react quickly. Hockey is gaining in popularity. 


Rugby is a team sport with a ball. The rugby ball has an unusual shape. It is not round, but stretched out on both sides. The athlete holds the ball and the task is to throw it into the opponent’s field. The athlete also plays with a lot of equipment. As it is not only a team game, but also a contact one. This means that athletes collide on the field. And sometimes the game resembles a fight.


Handball is a relatively young sport, having only recently emerged. But it has rapidly gained popularity and ratings among its fans. And today you can bet on the sport on 24Betting. 

24Betting live streaming. 

Live streaming is a great opportunity for sports fans to watch the game with their own eyes. A self-respecting bookmaker’s office provides it. During the broadcast, you can make bets both before and during the match.


Betting exchange 24Betting. 

A betting exchange is a new option that is also gaining popularity. The idea is that betting exchanges are set up for professional betting customers. They are not only capable of placing one-off bets, but also of consistently placing successful bets. These professional players set their own betting conditions and also form the odds. This is a rather complex activity, which requires a number of specialised skills. Just like other players, betting exchange users require an analytical mind and the ability to make predictions.

24Betting online casino.

The second line of business of the 24Betting platform is casino services. There are two types of casino services:

  1. A traditional online casino, 
  2. live casino format. 

Let’s start by talking about all the options and entertainment of a simple online casino. 24Betting online casino offers its customers various services: 

  • card games,
  • roulette, 
  • slot machines, 
  • lottery, 
  • jackpots.

The live casino offers its members traditional Indian entertainment. We will talk about them a little later. The idea of online casinos originated with the development of the internet. Initially, casino lovers had to visit specialised and mountainous establishments. In addition to fixed casinos around the world, games were also played in mountain clubs, and sometimes in bars and pubs. In some countries there were also mountain activities. You should therefore take into account your country’s legislation regarding.

In this review, we take a closer look at the most popular attractions. 


Roulette — This is the most traditional form of casino entertainment. Roulette was invented centuries ago. Originally it was a mechanical device. With the transition to virtual space the essence of the roulette game has not changed. Even the betting format has remained the same. Roulette is a rotating platform in the form of a circle. This platform is divided into sectors. Each sector has a colour and a number. Generally, there are three colours used in roulette. All sectors are either red or black. One sector remains green and has a number 0. While the round platform rotates, a dice is thrown on it. Either the die bounces on this wheel. When it stops, the dice falls into one of the sectors. This is how the result of the roulette wheel is determined. 

You can place a bet

  • to digital, 
  • colour, 
  • the combination of a number and a colour, and so on. 

There are different combinations for roulette betting. And the moment the game dice falls into the section will tell you whether you’ve won or not. You can place different bets on different combinations at the same time. This way you increase your chances of winning. 

Slot machines. 

Slot machines are virtual devices that resemble mechanical slot machines. The name slot machine has been around for centuries. Originally, slot machines were mechanical devices, with automatic rotation. The essence of the slot machine was to rotate the elements. Typically, these were three drums, ruled into sections. Each section of the drum had a number on it. As a rule, from 1 to 7. The drums would rotate simultaneously until they came to a complete stop. At the moment of stoppage each drum showed a certain number. If the numbers on all three reels were the same, the winner would win. And he would take all the money spent before him. As the online casino industry evolved, slot machines were reborn as virtual slots. Naturally, thanks to the design and computer graphics developers have improved the idea of a slot machine. And today the slots have a wide range and a huge variety. They are accompanied by music and have a fantastic design. At the moment you can even sort by time of year, gender, and so on. You can choose not only at your discretion, but also according to your taste.

Live casino at 24Betting. 

A live casino allows you to be with the gaming space online. You see everything happening at a real gaming table. A live dealer takes your bet online. You see and hear the entire course of the game. The excitement of the game is that you’re not playing on a machine, or with a virtual program. You are practically in the real game. A live dealer takes your bet and starts the game. You are watching what is happening. That’s why live casino is a separate type of casino, and not provided by all gambling platforms. 

The 24Betting online platform has the ability to broadcast real games with real dealers. Take advantage of this opportunity if you don’t have the opportunity to travel to a real casino. The live casino format hosts most of the entertainment from the popular Indian games section. 

The best Indian games on 24Betting. 

24Betting Casino is geared towards the Indian public. Accordingly, it tries to provide entertainment that will be in demand in India. 

Casino 24Betting has made the following games its priority: 

  1. andarbahar, 
  2. teenage pati, 
  3. dragon and tiger, 
  4. betting on teenager Patty, 
  5. lacquers 7. 

We will now go into more detail about each type of game. If you are not familiar with the rules of a particular game, we recommend that you study them. That way you will understand what is happening on the playing field. 

The Andar Bahar game on 24Betting. 

When you switch to play, you bet with the dealer online. The essence of the game is that the dealer draws one card. This is the main card and determines the rest of the game. Two more cards are drawn on either side of the card. The side with the card with the same value as the first card wins.

The tiger dragon game at 24Betting. 

Tiger Dragon is also a popular Indian card game. The idea is to deal cards in succession to the players. There are two sides to the game. The side with the higher value card wins. You have to understand the values of the cards in play. The highest rank is the king. The lowest value is the ace. 

Teenage Patty on 24Betting. 

This is another traditional card game in India. According to the rules of the game, each player draws three cards. The aggregate value of these cards determines the winner. 

Lucky 7 on 24Betting. 

This game is like a lottery, with balls of numbers spinning. They come out one at a time. And this is recorded by the dealer. Before the game starts, you bet on certain numbers.

Registration on the 24Betting online platform.

In order to complete the registration process, you will need to follow the instructions below: 

  1. go to the official 24Betting portal, 
  2. from the top menu, select the «join» button. 

Follow the prompts in the registration window that opens.

In order to register, you will need to provide the following personal information: 

  • Name, 
  • email address, 
  • phone number, 
  • password. 

This is the first step to register. There is an alternative option of creating a personal account — using accounts on social networks, search engines, or messengers. 

At the time of writing, the system offers registration via 

  1. facebook, 
  2. google, 
  3. telegram. 

On the registration form, you will be asked to choose the currency in which you want to make your payments. 

Completing the creation of a 24Betting personal account. 

In the registration form you gave your mobile phone number. This number must belong to you and you must have access to it. Because when you confirm your registration activities, a combination of digits will be sent to this phone number. This code will need to be entered into your account. And in this way you will confirm the reality of your identity. As soon as the system accepts this code, your personal account is considered to be created. 24Betting website may offer you a bonus at the moment of registration. However, this information is not advertised. If you wish to use your welcome bonus, contact the technical support team.

24Betting Privacy Policy. 

As you submit your personal data to 24Betting, you should understand how it will be protected. The Privacy Policy is posted on the official website of 24Betting. It explains the rules and procedures for handling your personal information. According to this policy your personal data will not be given to third parties. Also your personal information is to be used only for the purpose of providing better service. In case you have forgotten your password or lost access to your personal account, your personal information will allow you to restore your account.

Logging into your personal account at 24Betting

When logging in to your personal account, please make sure that the data you enter is correct and up-to-date. You will need a username and password for this. 

  • The username is your name, mobile phone number or email address that you provided when you registered. 
  • The password is also the one you generated when you registered. Note that a sufficiently strong password is required. 

So that it cannot be picked up by others. Keep in mind that your personal account will be linked to the payment system. To prevent others from using your account, you do not provide it. 

Making a deposit at 24Betting. 

Making a deposit or funding your betting account is a fairly simple procedure. In order to place a bet at a bookmaker’s office or online casino, you will need to deposit money into your account. Only real money can be used to place a bet. 

In order to deposit money into your account, you need to create an account. Once you have logged into your account, you must link one of the payment systems to your account. 

To pay money into an account requires 
  • sign in to your account, 
  • go to the «deposit» section, 
  • determine the amount of the top-up, 
  • choose a payment system, 
  • confirm their actions. 

Today, 24Betting Casino has a wide range of payment options: 

  1. bank transfer, 
  2. payment card, 
  3. electronic wallet. 

Choose the method you feel most comfortable with. It is also understood that this method will also be used to withdraw funds from your game account. 

Withdrawing winnings from the 24Betting website. 

If you have been successful at sports betting, or online casinos, then you have learned how to win. Or you got lucky. Either way, you will want to get your hands on the money you win. In order to get your winnings, you need to withdraw the money from your gaming account. 

To do this, please follow the following steps: go to your personal cabinet, go to «Deposit» section, select withdrawal function, specify withdrawal amount, select payment system, confirm your actions. Please note, that there may be restrictions on financial transactions. For example, maximum deposit amount is unlimited, but maximum withdrawal amount might be limited. This may vary for each payment system. There may also be delays in deposits and withdrawals. Funds may not come instantly to your game account or card. 

This will depend on the conditions of the payment system.

The 24Betting platform application. 

The app allows you to bet and play online casino games directly from your mobile phone. It also does not restrict your live streaming or access to a live casino. The app is software on your gadget. You can download it to your smartphone or tablet for convenience. Why you need the app. The app allows you to do several things at once: 

  • it is easy to use, 
  • the app adapts to the mobile phone,
  • the app has full functionality, 
  • the app can be faster than the browser, 
  • less internet is required, 
  • the speed is faster, 
  • Internet traffic is saved. 

Since your mobile phone is always at your fingertips, having the 24Betting app on your phone is a great chance to bet wherever you are in the world. The app is currently only available for the android operating system. 

To download the 24Betting app: 
  • google play market, 
  • enter the word 24Bet 
  • download the software to your mobile phone. 

Once you have installed the app, log in to your personal account. Then you can do all the manipulations in the same way as on your computer. If the system uses the mobile version of the 24Betting website.

The 24Betting platform’s technical support team. 

As the 24Betting platform has a lot of functionality, users may often have questions about its operations. 24Betting’s technical support service is a system that enables questions to be answered. The most frequent problems arise from logging into your personal cabinet, depositing a game account and withdrawing winnings. Consequently, if you fail to find out on your own, you can ask for support from the 24Betting support team. The 24Betting support service will determine the essence of your problem and give you a ready-made solution.

In order to contact 24Betting technical support, follow the steps below: 

  • go to the official 24Betting website, 
  • from any page of the web resource down to the bottom.
  • If you see an icon that looks like a dialog box — this is the helpdesk chat. Click on this icon to open an additional tab in your browser. 

At the time of writing, communication with technical support is only available to registered users. This will probably be rectified in the near future. Therefore please log in, go to the 24Betting support dialog box again and ask your question.


How do I get the bonus?

The bonus should be requested from technical support after registration.

Who can create an account?

An account is created by a person over 18 years of age and for personal use only.

Why do I need to register?

Without registering a personal account, you will not be able to place any bets.